Thursday, 24 June 2010

Proxeed Plus

Proxeed Plus is a light, lemon flavoured nutritional supplement which you can dissolve in juice or other cold drinks. It should be taken twice a day. Proxeed Plus contributes to male reproductive health and is intended for use when trying to conceive. The ingredients within Proxeed Plus contain clinically proven support to ensure optimum sperm quality.

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Sperm takes an average of 74 days to mature and a further 20 days before it is capable of fertilization. Therefore, once you begin taking Proxeed Plus, it will take at least this period of time before your sperm quality improves. You should therefore take Proxeed Plus for six months, although improvements in sperm quality may be seen after three months.

Proxeed has helped men to optimise sperm health for many years, using ingredients which are proven to play a highly important role in the performance of sperm. Proxeed Plus contains the same, trusted, clinically proven ingredients as in regular Proxeed, but with addition of an antioxidant complex which protects sperm from free radical damage. It also contains nutrients which enhance sperm formation and help sperm mature.

What Can Proxeed Plus Do?

  • Clinical trials have shown that the ingredients in Proxeed Plus can optimise sperm health, improve sperm count and motility, improve sperm speed and the concentration of sperm
  • Proxeed Plus contains the same ingredients as regular Proxeed but with added nutrients aimed at reducing free radical damage whilst supporting the formation and maturation of the sperm
  • You can switch from regular Proxeed to Proxeed Plus immediately. The ingredients are compatible
  • Initial results can be seen within 3 months
  • Some men also report more intense orgasms and ejaculations after taking Proxeed Plus
Proxeed Plus is available from StressNoMore, one of the largest UK suppliers of intimate products. Your privacy is assured when you order from their safe, secure site.

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